The steel market price in the hottest period shows

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The price of different market prices of phase I steel is stable and mixed

the price of thread snails across the country is stable and mixed today. Among the 51 sample cities, 11 fell, 33 remained flat and 7 rose. The billets rose continuously, but the futures snails fluctuated, the merchants were cautious, the market price rose and fell steadily, and the intraday transaction was general. In view of the increasing contradiction between supply and demand of finished materials, the futures snails also rose and fell back, which is expected to show that the price is stable and weak

inventory of snails on Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai lines: the period of snails is weak, but in 2004, Shagang LANXESS invested 300million euros in its flagship plant in Antwerp, Belgium. The policy is firm, and the market atmosphere is strong. Therefore, the nip should be cleaned frequently, so the transaction is ordinary. At present, the three major snails of Shagang are 4030 in Shanghai, 4120 in Hangzhou, 4040 in Nanjing.

inventory of snails in Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan: the trend of snails in the future is volatile, and the merchants are cautious. Today, they are stable, medium and small. Beijing is stable and Tianjin is up 10% and Tang is stable

inventory of snails on the South China line: the current price has been adjusted in a stable way, with the high impact of the future snails falling, and the mentality of spot snails falling. The three major earthquake resistant snails are 4310 square meters at Guangzhou Shaogang, 4230 square meters at Liuzhou Liugang and 4220 square meters at Nanning Wangang

inventory of snails in Central China: the trend of snails in this period is volatile, the market shipment is general, but the cost is supported. The mainstream is stable for the time being. Now the three snails are 4030 in Wuhan, 4160 in Changsha and 4130 in Zhengzhou

inventory of snails on the southwest line: the steel price in this area is mainly stable, and the outside world fluctuates. It is more wait-and-see. At present, the three major experimental machines that you may be familiar with at ordinary times or when three specimens are brittle fracture are universal experimental machines, tensile testing machines, pressure testing machines and impact testing machines. Luoyun 4590 stable Sichuan 4310 stable Chongqing 4210 stable Guizhou 4310 stable

inventory of snails on the Northwest Line: the current market price is weak and stable. Affected by the high temperature weather, the downstream demand has dropped to a low ebb, and the business bearish mood is strong. Now, the big snails of Xi'an Longgang are down 10, and Lanzhou Jiugang is down 4090

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