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The oil produced by waste tires and plastics of American companies meets the requirements of refineries

American green environmental technology holding company (geth) announced that the oil samples produced by its recycling of waste tires and plastics have all exceeded the specified technical indicators and the conditions required by the refinery, so that this oil product can be sold as crude oil on the market. The last round of tests confirmed that by installing additional equipment to process the sample, this oil fully met the restrictions set by the refinery to purchase this oil

the person in charge of the company said that in the past 12 months, he has been cooperating with the manufacturers of waste tires and plastic conversion equipment to deal with several rubber and plastic materials, and conducted spot checks on the oil products directly produced by this process. In addition, the company pays attention not to stick oil stains on the lower feed shaft and upper feed shaft, and has worked with two special equipment manufacturers in the oil industry to remove some elements in crude oil that cannot be accepted by refineries

this is a huge leap for geth and its oil production project with waste tires and plastics. The last step is for the refinery to retest and reconfirm the previous findings, so that the experimental results can be agreed. If one specimen fails to reach the agreement requiring ebbros company in Kansas City, Missouri to purchase this oil. It is reported that ebbros and geth have been testing this oil with a large refinery laboratory in California

in July 2011, green environmental technology holding company signed a non binding letter of intent with ebbros investment group, agreeing that foam is very uniform and delicate. Ebbros will develop waste tires and plastics. 5. The dynamometer main bearing does not allow refueling and oil changing devices (including all infrastructure), install all necessary equipment, and lease back all these devices and equipment to geth. Ebbros will also purchase all the oil products produced by these units, and it is estimated that the monthly output of each unit is about 10700 barrels. The letter of intent further stipulates that the leaseback agreement with geth is valid for more than 10 years. Ebbros also indicated its intention to cooperate with geth on all waste tires and plastic oil changing processing devices in the future based on similar conditions

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