The waste paper purchase requirements of nine drag

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Nine dragons, Levin, Shanying and other paper mills do not meet the waste paper acquisition requirements or confiscate the whole vehicle

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core tips: [China Packaging News] nine dragons, Levin, Shanying and other paper mills have issued new requirements for waste paper acquisition, and some acts may confiscate the whole vehicle. First, Fujian Quanzhou Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd. from December 1, Quanzhou Nine Dragons

, For the delivery of all national wastes by Quanzhou nine dragons, the delivery driver must provide a copy of his driver's license and driving license before queuing, otherwise he cannot enter the factory for unloading. (the original driving license, driving license and ID card should also be brought)

please inform the delivery driver in time to avoid unnecessary long waiting. Thank you for your cooperation

II. Tianjin Nine Dragons Paper

suppliers: deliver goods to Tianjin nine dragons, and the driver directly swipes his ID card to enter the factory

everyone is required to fill in the driver information in the remarks: driver name, driver ID number, driver number, license plate number, and the order cannot be wrong! Space between them

only Tianjin nine dragons, Hebei Nine Dragons does not require

III. Jiangsu Changshu Liwen paper industry

the size of A4 paper will be degraded if the area of paper with adhesive labels or express delivery orders is not used exceeds 50

IV. Fujian Zhangzhou Changtai Shanying base

suppliers: Hello! According to the notice of the safety supervision department, the safety production requirements: from now on, all drivers of vehicles entering the factory must wear reflective clothes, and must not wear slippers or sandals, otherwise they will not enter the factory. National waste drivers are not allowed to get out of the car and walk around at any time except in the designated area to disassemble the tarpaulin. Please cooperate and support, and please tell each other. Fujian Shanying

v. Zhejiang Jiaxing Shanying (former Ji'an) paper base

waste suppliers from various countries: after receiving the company's notice, the height of bulk vehicles delivering goods to our factory shall not exceed 2.5 meters (calculated from the flat of trucks), and it is not allowed to jump in line to follow all national waste vehicles into the factory. In case of any punishment according to the regulations of our company, please support and understand the safety problems. Thank you for your cooperation! Zhejiang Shanying

VI. Anhui Hefei Hongtu Color Printing Co., Ltd.

VII. Henan Longyuan paper

VIII. Shandong Tai'an Taihe paper

Tai'an Taihe and other suppliers: remember to ask the driver to shoot videos at the intersection of the highway after loading, and the video content requirements (1. Vehicle number, 2. Goods loaded on the body, 3. Toll station name, 4. The driver himself.), Finally, you must also provide a passage ticket beyond 300 kilometers! If you print the scale sheet by computer, you must record video instead of taking photos. Cannot record in! (it is required to record with its own camera function) those who do not comply with the specified requirements will be returned

IX. Shandong Zaozhuang Fengyuan Tongda Zhongke paper

Shandong Fengyuan Tongda Zhongke waste paper delivery vehicle specification: in order to further improve work efficiency and eliminate potential safety hazards, since November 21, 2018, the waste paper transported by national waste supply vehicles cannot be mixed with other items, and the waste paper of the upper and lower packaging pieces must be placed neatly, with the same width and height, and cannot be mixed vertically and horizontally, in violation of the above regulations of 40 ~ 100hrk, The supplier shall be fined 100 yuan and forbidden to enter the factory for more than three times. Pay attention to the sorting of bags

X. Shandong Dezhou Pingyuan Huisheng paper

notice: Dear suppliers, at present, in the actual production and use, it is found that there are many non paper making sundries such as fiberboard, cloth strip, thread head, wood block, etc. mixed in the waste paper, which affect the production of the company. Now we inform all suppliers to strictly sort and pack, and do not mix the above items, so as not to affect the waste paper inspection points of the whole vehicle. It will be implemented from November 30, and please strictly implement it. Huisheng plain

Xi. Shandong taiyanghonghe paper

notice: due to the recent receipt of goods, it was found that some suppliers did not have strict requirements for packaging quality, deliberately mixed with a large amount of garbage, trying to muddle through, and for malicious counterfeiting, the goods deliberately mixed with a large amount of garbage were deducted by 70% or the whole vehicle was confiscated, and for example, whether semiconductors can provide a higher efficiency for solar cell modules, forced unloading, and vehicles are not suspended, Please strictly implement it, do a good job in publicity, and control the packaging quality! Taiyanghonghe paper purchasing department, raw material inspection department

twelve Toray company is also committed to realizing the lightweight of vehicles. Jiangsu Danyang Changfeng paper

all waste paper suppliers: Recently, the company's waste paper raw carbon fiber reinforced composite molding and processing technology was exhibited at the recent ipf2014 (2014 Japan International Plastic Machinery Exhibition) and some suppliers were found to carry cement paperboard at the scene, This kind of phenomenon seriously hinders our production system. After our research and decision, if this kind of situation is found again, the supplier will be severely fined until rejected. Please pay high attention to the waste paper suppliers. Please understand, thank you for your cooperation! Jiangsu Changfeng Paper Co., Ltd. raw materials department

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