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The waste gas pollution problem of Nantah chemical plant was reported and dealt with

according to the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, the environmental supervision detachment was instructed to investigate and deal with the complaint about the "waste gas problem of Nantah chemical plant". The answers to the investigation and handling are as follows:

I. Basic Information:

after investigation, the situation is true. The object of reflection is Shanghai Nanda Chemical Plant of Shanghai coating Co., Ltd. located at No. 58, Chemical Road, NANDA Road, Dachang town. This enterprise is mainly engaged in benzonitrile and rosin resin. There are certain air pollutants produced and discharged in the production process, which has a certain impact on the normal life of surrounding residents. In view of the problems existing in the enterprise, our Bureau attaches great importance to this, and has never stopped law enforcement inspection of the enterprise. Especially since last year, our law enforcement personnel have studied the production technology and production equipment of the enterprise and the treatment of pollutants, and have carried out nearly ten production technology seminars and pollution treatment seminars with the leaders and technicians of the enterprise, The law enforcement personnel of our bureau pointed out the environmental problems existing in the production equipment and air pollution control of the enterprise, and required the enterprise to further improve the production process, reduce the unit consumption of raw materials, and control the generation of pollutants from the source. In addition, the law enforcement personnel of our bureau also objectively pointed out the problems of the enterprise in pollution control by using the professional theory of environmental engineering, and instructed the enterprise to carry out pollution control, which has significantly changed the enterprise's awareness of environmental protection. Through nearly half a year of supervision, the enterprise has improved the production process, reducing the unit consumption of raw materials of benzonitrile products from the original 1.2 to the current 1.13. In addition, the enterprise has further improved the collection and treatment measures of process waste gas (such as increasing the area of condenser, so that the capture effect of process waste gas has been improved to a certain extent), and the total emission of air pollutants has been reduced, The surrounding atmospheric environment has been improved to a certain extent, but because the enterprise is close to the surrounding residential areas, the exhaust gas still has a certain impact on the surrounding residents

II. Handling opinions:

1. The Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau has included the enterprise in the "fourth round of special action plan for environmental protection", and has taken the adjustment, shutdown and relocation of the enterprise's product structure as the fundamental measure for environmental pollution control in the large market area. Now the enterprise has made a clear relocation plan, and will stop the production of benzonitrile products by the end of October 2010 and relocate to Nantong, Jiangsu Province, Foreign countries have developed a variety of thin-film prototypes to control the situation. At that time, the exhaust gas problem in this area will be greatly improved

2. Our bureau has listed the enterprise as a key regulatory unit, and conducted irregular follow-up inspection on the pollutant emission of the enterprise before the relocation. If it is found that there are illegal sewage discharge behaviors, users are welcome to call for consultation or consultation: Contact Yuan Gong, who will be dealt with according to law

the above is our reply to your complaint. If you (we) are not satisfied with our handling opinions, according to Article 34 of the regulations on complaint reporting, you can apply to Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau or Baoshan District People's government for complaint review within 30 days from the date of receiving this written reply

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