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The watershed for the success or failure of insulating glass new standard enterprises in the future

as building energy-saving materials, insulating glass has appeared abroad as early as the 1960s, but its application in China, especially in the southern region, is still at 2. 5% Pressure control of extruder: initial stage. After the introduction of insulating glass technology in China, it has been continuously developed and improved. The control of the experimental process is realized through the automatic control of single-chip microcomputer. The related enterprises of insulating glass are also quietly rising. At present, many large and small glass production enterprises and glass deep processing enterprises have been involved in insulating glass. {todayhot} has insulating glass developed to a sufficient height in China, and can all enterprises produce and process insulating glass by themselves? Many insiders believe that there are not many enterprises that can really produce high-end insulating glass, and it will take time for the development of insulating glass in China to mature. No matter SLS, SLA, DFM or other technologies, at present, the technical level of insulating glass can be used as a standard to measure the level of glass enterprises, which will more or less affect the market pattern. Especially after insulating glass is included in 3C certification, it may be a watershed for the success or failure of enterprises in the future

the key to promoting market development by standardizing

insulating glass, as a kind of glass structure with good performance, is used in buildings that need heating, air conditioning, preventing noise or condensation, and that need no direct sunlight and special light. During the recent interview, I visited some glass deep-processing enterprises and learned that due to the late start of insulating glass in China, there are limitations in the level of professional equipment and professional workers. At present, there are not many enterprises that can produce and process high-grade insulating glass. Although small enterprises can also see adhesive strip insulating glass made by manual operation, {hottag} due to the different level of processing equipment and workers, the products are more random and the quality is not easy to guarantee. Some poorly made insulating glass is particularly easy to degumm after a long time of use, resulting in dust, discoloration and yellowing. In fact, it should be said that neither aluminum trough type insulating glass nor rubber strip type insulating glass is too cutting-edge technology. Many enterprises have enough funds and capabilities to develop insulating glass. Relying on ordinary manual production and backward equipment, although it can meet some low-end needs at present, it certainly cannot form the goal of industry, scale and brand. In contrast, enterprises that can take the lead in the insulating glass market will inevitably gain more advantages in the whole glass market. Perhaps insulating glass will play a large proportion in the future market division

when discussing the prospects and applications of insulating glass with the principals, insiders affirmed that the popularization of insulating glass is the general trend, and the demand is also growing rapidly. But on the other hand, the insulating glass market is far from mature. At present, ordinary consumers do not know enough about building energy conservation, and there is still a fairly broad market for insulating glass that has not been developed. Moreover, there are many problems that perplex the insulating glass market. The technical level of processing enterprises is uneven, and there are still low levels, extensive management, and a mixture of good and evil people. Some enterprises are not good enough and have not processed insulating glass for the time being, so they will certainly be in a relatively unfavorable position in the future market competition; There are also some enterprises that are not negative, using ordinary double glass instead of high-grade insulating glass. According to insiders, insulating glass has certain requirements for materials and equipment, and the country also has certain technical standards. Ordinary double glass is difficult to meet the national first-class energy-saving standards. In terms of speed, some manual processing can not meet the growth of market demand, let alone ensure high level and high quality. With the strengthening of national promotion and consumers' appreciation of insulating glass, it is also convenient for the vast number of users. There is no way to see the increase of machine concerns. People have higher requirements for glass technology and product quality, especially the step-by-step standardization of the insulating glass market by government departments. Under the market competition, a number of enterprises with low technology and process will inevitably be eliminated, Insulating glass and glass market will also develop in a better direction

support of quality insulating glass

before 1990, the production and use of insulating glass in China was very low, with an annual use of only tens of thousands of square meters, and it was mainly produced manually, with backward production equipment and low product quality. Since 1990, the production and use of insulating glass in China has doubled. The annual output of insulating glass in 1990 was 169000 square meters, and in 1996 it reached one million square meters. Especially in recent years, the state has called for building energy conservation, and people have begun to realize the advantages of insulating glass in energy conservation and environmental protection. Its production and use has increased sharply. In 2003, the annual production and use of insulating glass exceeded 30million square meters, and in 2005, the annual production and use of insulating glass reached 60million square meters

in such a large insulating glass market, the quality problem is very important. At present, the main problems of insulating glass in China are short service life and no guarantee of quality. The main performance is that the insulating glass has condensation or frost after one or several years of use. Although the glass has not broken, it has failed as a insulating glass. The service life of insulating glass in foreign advanced countries is as high as 10 years, and some are as high as 20 years. At present, China has nearly 1000 insulating glass production lines, of which imported production lines account for 10%, and the manual production lines are basically out of the market, that is, the production quality of insulating glass in China is guaranteed in terms of equipment. In order to ensure the quality of insulating glass products, China has formulated the national standard of insulating glass GB/t11944-1989 for a long time. In recent years, it has been revised with reference to British standard bs5713:1979 technical requirements for insulating glass, American Standard ASTM e546-88 test method for frost point of insulating glass and Japanese standard iisr3209 insulating glass, which has made clear instructions and regulations on the structure and materials of insulating glass, It should be said that the current insulating glass standards are reasonable and applicable, and the quality of products is guaranteed. At present, the problems of low product quality and short service life are mainly management problems. Advanced production equipment, strict product quality standards and standardized management system should produce first-class products. Therefore, I suggest taking the following measures: first, insulating glass production enterprises should establish and improve product quality control system, quality supervision system and quality assurance system. Strict and effective implementation of the above three systems is the fundamental guarantee of insulating glass product quality. Second, insulating glass manufacturers should provide users with at least ten-year product quality assurance. Products without ten-year product quality assurance cannot enter the market. This requirement should be written into mandatory provisions

at present, China has entered the era of wide application of insulating glass. Its excellent product quality is the driving force for its wide application, and the poor product quality will become the shackle of its development. The combination of advanced production equipment, strict product quality standards and standardized management system will certainly improve the quality of insulating glass products in China

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