The waste gas and sewage of the hottest waste plas

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Waste gas and sewage from waste plastic processing plants are seriously discharged

"unlicensed plastic recycling and processing plants discharge irritant gases for a long time, affecting the health of villagers. There are also several waste iron collection plants whose oil pollution is directly discharged into Hanoi, causing river water pollution." Yesterday, Mr. Liang, a citizen, complained to this newspaper that many unlicensed small factories outside the embankment near the Shijun sluice in Shijun village, Huangpu town had polluted the environment. He complained to the Environmental Protection Bureau for many times and found no substantial improvement

yesterday afternoon, I saw at the scene that there were many blue and white iron sheet factories scattered on the outside of the river embankment behind Shijun village, and the smell of burning was everywhere, which could be smelled from a distance

at the door of a waste plastic recycling and processing plant, a young man is driving a yellow loading truck to transport packaged waste plastic to a large truck. There is also a plastic recycling and processing plant under the embankment, and many workers are dealing with waste plastics

in addition, it runs westward along the river, where all teams are composed of more than 210 domestic and foreign composite professionals, and there are many waste recycling plants, including tires, wires and other wastes. At an old tire recycling point, a man was burning the tire on the hub, and a strong pungent smell could be smelled at the scene

"many factories secretly discharge waste gas and sewage at night." Mr. Liang said. According to Mr. Liang, the waste plastic processing plant discharges pungent odors from time to time throughout the day, seriously affecting the lives of surrounding residents

in this regard, the interview said that after receiving the villagers' feedback, they attached great importance to it and immediately went to the site for inspection. They found that the waste plastic processing plant complained by Mr. Liang did have environmental pollution problems, mainly the waste water from crushing and cleaning waste plastics, and the waste gas from the hot-melt granulation process, which was directly discharged into the environment without treatment, and the processing plant failed to provide relevant environmental protection procedures. They have reported the situation to the Shijun village committee and the comprehensive law enforcement team of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, and will carry out joint law enforcement in the next step

liaoweixing was honest that it was difficult to enforce the law. When he found pollution, he immediately ordered relevant enterprises to rectify it, but some secretly discharged it at night or on holidays, which was impossible to prevent. If it is enforced by the court, the execution time will be very long, and the villagers are not satisfied

"in view of sustainable and green development, the government now wants to gradually recover the land outside the embankment, no longer for industrial use, but for greening parks, etc., and plan for good environmental protection." Liaoweixing said, but the implementation of this work needs a process

m) sampling rate: ≥ 50 times/s

it can be seen from the relevant documents provided by liaoweixing that the punishment for the waste plastic processing plant that will fail is indeed going through the procedure: "on November 16, the leaders in charge of the environmental protection bureau have issued the approval opinions. Next, we will work with the safety supervision and other departments to carry out forced power cuts for enterprises involved in pollution."

"recently, the environmental protection, safety supervision, urban management and comprehensive law enforcement departments have jointly launched a carpet investigation against more than 200 enterprises in the town, and we receive many similar complaints every day."

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