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The value list of listed power equipment enterprises involves distribution equipment and marketing equipment

in the turbulent wave of listing, more and more power equipment enterprises have also embarked on the path of listing, but generally speaking, power equipment enterprises are still not much concerned by the market. In their spare time, Miaomiao will sort out the value list of listed power equipment enterprises. The candidate enterprises of this value list are mainly the national and southern distribution equipment (power distribution terminal, switchgear, column switch) and marketing equipment (electric energy meter, acquisition equipment, charging facilities) listed on Shanghai a, Shenzhen A and gem. The swing head travel switch of the bid winning enterprises should be intact (the list of bid winning enterprises should refer to the national and southern bid winning publicity). According to the above criteria, a total of 42 enterprises were selected this time

1. Geographical distribution of enterprises

from the perspective of the lower distribution of listed enterprises, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Jiangsu lead, with 7, 7 and 6 listed companies respectively

2. The evaluation dimension shows that

the list is based on the financial data of the 2016 annual report of listed companies. For the revenue reflecting the profitability and growth ability of listed companies, we will continue to transform products, revenue growth rate, net profit, net profit growth rate Net profit margin is the main analysis dimension

scoring method: the full score of each dimension is 100, sorted in numbers from large to small, the highest full score is 100, and the ladder is 1

evaluation dimension weight:

3 Operation of selected enterprises

4 Selected into the enterprise value ranking

a. from the final comprehensive score, Pinggao electric, Samsung Medical and University of science and technology intelligent ranked among the top three in the value list

b. in terms of the net profit margin that Miaomiao attaches great importance to, Neusoft carrier, Shenzhen Huicheng and Haixing power ranked among the top three in the downward cycle of the coal industry

c. science and Technology University intelligence and Senyuan electric achieved the top three in terms of revenue growth and profit growth

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