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The value of management consulting

in today's Chinese media, the word "management consulting" has appeared more and more frequently, and people have also changed from "watching coldly" to "gradually recognizing and accepting" the consulting industry. Now we can often find that a famous enterprise is hiring a consulting company to advise it in various media, including the subsequent reports on the development of the consulting industry, consulting companies and consulting case analysis

however, as a consultant, one of the most frequently asked questions is: "why do enterprises need to seek the help of consulting companies". But every answer to this question will make me review the consulting projects I have participated in recently, and I'm afraid the deeper I understand this question

many times, I am also participating in every consulting project, constantly reflecting on: "what is the value of my project team to this enterprise". A full understanding of this issue can not only enable our project team to better serve customers, but also is crucial to ensure the success of the whole project

different enterprises have different motives and purposes to seek consulting, so the value of consulting services for them is also different. To illustrate this problem, let's first look at the typical situation of three companies a, B and C:

Company A: a Sino foreign joint venture in Shanghai, the general manager is an American, the MBA of Massachusetts Institute of technology has decades of management experience, and his subordinates are also a group of professional managers. In general, they seem to be able to solve all kinds of management problems encountered by enterprises. But the company spends a lot of budget every year to invite management consultants to the company for diagnosis, consultation and training

b company: a listed company in Guangdong is a household appliance enterprise, which occupies a relatively high position in the domestic market. Now it is eager to explore the European and American markets to give full play to its cost advantage. However, the enterprise knows little about the purchasing behavior, distribution channels and market competition of consumers in the European and American markets. Company B decided to hire a consulting company to provide consulting services for the formulation of the enterprise's market strategy

c company: a human resources manager of the company said, "The importance of human resource management is becoming a consensus. The boss also attaches great importance to it. He has specially set up a human resource department, but it is always difficult to implement the human resource management system. The business department is always busy with business, and it is not willing to do what job analysis, performance standards, qualification demonstration and so on. It is not that we don't know how to build the human resource management system, but we are really willing to work hard. In addition, we are also very busy It is difficult to completely abandon personal feelings when making decisions and be outspoken on all sensitive issues. To take a simple example, I have a tacit cooperation and good personal relationship with the supervisor of a department in the company. Now I am assigned to evaluate whether to abolish the Department. It is very difficult for me to be completely objective and impartial in order to raise the price of most of its polymer stabilizers. I will always think of the way out for my friend after the cancellation of the Department. We should still promote it with the help of management consulting companies. Foreign monks are good at chanting sutras. "

although the reasons and motivations for companies a, B and C to find consulting companies seem to be different, the starting points of these enterprises are very simple, no more than two points:

· in order to meet the needs of market competition

· in order to carry out management adjustment

when these needs appear, enterprises will find that some needs are limited to the constraints of enterprises in terms of personnel, experience, time and so on, and enterprises themselves cannot complete them; Some aspects are unfamiliar to the enterprise, and the enterprise has no ability to complete them. In order to solve these problems, enterprises will seek consulting companies to provide services for enterprises

for the fields familiar to enterprises, enterprises seek the help of consulting companies mainly for the need of professional division of labor and cost reduction. Sometimes it is necessary to use external forces to promote the internal reform of enterprises; For areas that enterprises are not familiar with, consulting companies can bring advanced external experience to enterprises, reduce and share the risks brought by such changes with consulting companies. As it is used in the transportation of other equipment, the most important scope of application for professional consulting companies is the company's reputation and brand. Therefore, the success of the customer's business means the success of the consulting company's business. On the contrary, an unsuccessful consulting service will greatly damage the reputation of the consulting company. Therefore, the consulting company will regard the client's business as its own and try its best to ensure the success of its clients

after the above analysis, let's take a look at the reasons why companies a, B and C seek help

a company chooses consulting services because of the need for professional division of labor and cost reduction

today, management has become more and more professional and professional. Professionalization of management requires professional training for managers to become professional managers, and professionalization of management can be entrusted to professional management consulting companies. In this way, professional managers can concentrate on fulfilling their main responsibilities, that is, allocating the resources of the enterprise to achieve their goals. The consulting services needed by an enterprise, including strategic adjustment, process improvement and ERP implementation projects, are generally phased, and once completed, there is no need to make major changes in the short term. In this way, the introduction of consulting services is much more economical than maintaining an enterprise's own team. It can not only change the fixed costs (internal staff salaries) into variable costs (project implementation costs), but also release the occupied resources, simplify the team, and make the enterprise pay attention to the operation and development of the company

in addition, an excellent professional consulting company has rich experience in consulting enterprises in different regions and fields. These consulting companies have complete databases, global communication networks, and a set of successful working methods proved by practice. The accuracy and speed of their information and services are self-evident. Today, when business opportunities are fleeting, no enterprise can ignore the benefits brought by speed. Consultants can use their professional knowledge, experience and the knowledge base of consulting companies to cooperate with enterprise managers and give full play to their respective advantages, so as to solve the actual management problems of enterprises faster and better

the reason why company B chooses consulting services is to use professional advantages to solve problems and external resources

the lack of some key knowledge and skills in the development process of enterprises is also one of the reasons why enterprises choose consulting companies. Many enterprises try to occupy the market to the maximum extent during the high-speed growth period, or seek breakthroughs in the mature period of the enterprise, but at these times, the company often does not have the required talents and relevant organizational experience. Due to the consideration of market competition, professional consulting companies always pay attention to the changes in the forefront of science and technology and management, in order to compete for customers with the latest and best services, so as to survive and develop in the highly competitive consulting market. On the contrary, the general situation of internal managers in enterprises will not have too many opportunities to contact the new concept of the outside world in their daily work. Through the introduction of enterprise management consulting, in fact, at the same time, the internal managers of the enterprise have been trained, so that they have the opportunity to contact the current international most advanced skills

as in the case of company B, if company B sends people to explore, it may take a long time, and even cause the enterprise to miss the market opportunity. Put this problem to the cooperation of a global management consulting company. With their experience in European and American markets, company B can quickly grasp the market demand and formulate correct market entry strategies

the reason why company C chooses consulting services is to promote the internal management reform of the enterprise with the help of external forces

just like "it is difficult for a person sitting on a stool to lift himself up", enterprises need the objective and fair view of outsiders. When enterprises make decisions on major matters, they often need to evaluate relevant matters from a novel and objective perspective. At this moment, management consulting companies, as outsiders, often provide more objective and fair advice than those from within the company

secondly, it is difficult for an internal employee working in an enterprise to ask him to completely abandon his personal feelings when making decisions and be frank on all sensitive issues. This is the case with company C

in addition, management consulting companies often bring new ideas that are beneficial to the development of enterprises. Employees in the company get along with each other in the same environment for a long time, and their thinking often forms a certain set. When dealing with problems, they will also follow the stereotypes, which will virtually form a resistance to new external ideas. In this case, management consulting companies can introduce new concepts with vitality from the outside and effective new methods into the enterprise through cooperation with the enterprise

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