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The value of automation equipment highlights the deep concern of the manufacturing industry

in recent years, with the rapid development of the global economy, the manufacturing industry with the advantage of cheap labor is declining, coupled with rising employment costs, many enterprises are facing the pattern of equipment upgrading and workers being replaced by machines, and automation equipment has become hot. Some people can't help asking: what is the reason why automation equipment is popular and what is its value

reducing costs and improving production efficiency

reducing costs is an important factor for enterprises to choose automation equipment, and it is also the core value of automation equipment

Beijing lingbang instrument is a research and development unit of automatic testing equipment. According to reports, in the first quarter of this year, the company contacted more than 100 manufacturing enterprises with testing needs. The original intention of these enterprises to adopt automatic equipment is mostly to improve the ex factory qualification rate of products and to reduce production costs

its environmental protection benefit is 10 points significant

taking a NdFeB manufacturer in Beijing as an example, under the traditional manual detection mode, it requires more than 20 detection workers to work continuously for more than 8 hours to produce 1.5 million pieces of NdFeB workpieces (a rare earth permanent magnet material) a day. In this case, whether the products are qualified or not is entirely up to the workers' the final say, which leads to no testing standards

in response to this industry demand, lingbang has developed Nd-Fe-B workpiece size and appearance inspection equipment, with a detection efficiency of up to 200~400 pieces/minute (depending on the shape and size of the workpiece). The equipment can operate 24 hours, detect at least 259200 pieces per day, with a maximum detection accuracy of less than 10 microns, and can effectively identify the appearance defects of the workpiece, such as cracking, edge collapse, pitting, scratches, etc

in other words, more than 20 workers spend a lot of energy on the work (and the effect is not ideal). If automatic detection equipment is used, 4 to 5 sets can be completed efficiently

Nd-Fe-B workpiece size and appearance inspection equipment

ensure product quality and establish market advantages

quality is the life of the enterprise. Only on the premise of ensuring product quality can we talk about the subsequent development of the enterprise. However, in the actual operation process, due to the complex production links, there are all kinds of qualitative factors, which makes it difficult for enterprise managers to find the cause, and then unable to prescribe the right medicine

it is understood that the automatic testing equipment developed by lingbang instrument generally has the functions of automatic recording, automatic saving, statistical analysis of testing data, and can save the experimental data to electronic files for output, which is convenient for users to find out the cause, so as to reduce the mistakes of enterprises in the production process, minimize the losses, and improve the product quality

for example, the bearing roller appearance detection system adopts the machine vision principle to automatically detect the appearance of the bearing roller, and can detect various appearance defects on the rotating surface and both ends of the cylindrical roller, such as abrasion, scratch, bump, crack, material residue, non superfinish, rust, black skin, etc. The system can statistically analyze the appearance inspection data and adjust the machine tool or roller processing technology according to the statistical data

bearing roller appearance inspection system

therefore, the strict control of product quality by automatic inspection equipment can help enterprises improve their market competitiveness. Under the market competition mechanism, which takes the development of new materials as a breakthrough to promote the construction of the national new raw material base, only to do a good job in product quality is the way out

at present, China's manufacturing enterprises are facing the upgrading of obsolete equipment in the factory within (60 ± 30) s since loading. Domestic automation technology has begun to move closer to the international level, and various advanced automation equipment are constantly emerging. From this development trend, it is not difficult to see that automation equipment is gradually promoting the development of China's manufacturing industry and playing an increasingly important role

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