The value of waste materials in the production pro

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The value of waste materials in the production process of corrugated paperboard

corrugated paperboard waste

the ways of corrugated paperboard waste production are as follows: ① there are incomplete paperboards produced in the corrugated paperboard machine; ② Waste materials caused during the handling of raw materials; ③ The soft cardboard produced when adjusting the machine; ④ Paper jam caused by warpage, electric or mechanical reasons; ⑤ Cardboard glued together to obtain a stable load; ⑥ Loaded protective cardboard (top and bottom); ⑦ Excess parts for customers

an effective plan to avoid waste must be a comprehensive plan from bottom to top, including all people in the plant. It is necessary to emphasize the value of waste materials to the whole plant, and clarify the source and causes of waste materials. The implementation plan is formulated through research in the plant, and try to reduce and eliminate controllable waste materials. Through these measures, if the waste is reduced by 2%, it can also be the main means to manufacture nylon special materials and improve the performance of nylon every year, saving us $403000

● establish an accurate measurement system. Label the baskets and cars containing various wastes, indicating the source and weight of the damaged paper, including the type of damaged paper, solutions and corrective measures

● in order to effectively reduce waste, all levels of the whole plant must be aware of the need to reduce waste

● set and post loss reduction goals in each work link, and post these goals on the board newspaper of each department, section and company

● publish the progress of each department and the whole plant every week

● fully discuss the progress at the weekly team meeting

● after reaching the goal, encourage the efforts of all employees in different forms

where to start with the storage of paper rolls (warehousing, handling and storage)

● report to the relevant person in charge before storing any damaged paper rolls in the warehouse. Any obvious damage caused by transportation shall be reported to the railway and automobile transportation companies and claim for compensation. Remind railway, automobile and water transportation companies of their responsibilities. The damaged paper roll in transportation shall be marked (painted with color) and stored. The damaged paper roll without any mark and other damaged paper rolls found in the factory are considered to be damaged in the factory. It is suggested that the received paper roll should have at most 5-6 layers of outer packaging paper, and work with the paper roll supplier to try to reduce the arrival loss

● proper paper roll handling procedures require training. The stacking equipment must be in the best condition. Check whether the forklift equipment is too sharp every day, and the production manager should always pay attention to the working state of the forklift. Drivers should pay attention to safety and not damage goods and equipment when working

● contact the regional sales manager to arrange the training of forklift drivers

● use the following points to establish the stacking plan of paper rolls in the warehouse

(1) hanging signs are used to indicate the width of each storage area and the type of goods, and marks can also be made on the ground

(2) install appropriate lighting in the paper roll storage area to see the stored goods clearly

(3) paper rolls are arranged in a group of squares. The universal experimental machine is mainly used for stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, puncturing, yielding, elastic modulus and other mechanical properties of materials, metal materials, non-metallic materials and products. It is smoothly stacked one by one

(4) paint different colors on columns, doorways, and any obstacles to facilitate differentiation, so as to prevent losses during handling

(5) don't let the paper roll step out of the storage area into the aisle, so it must be hit by the car. Another special attention should be paid to the inner side of the aisle turn. However, it is still difficult for the nonferrous metal industry as a whole to improve in 2014. A corner guard 1/4 "should be considered × 3' × 6 'iron plate, bent into 90 °, so that each side of the corner is 3' long. This plate can be painted into diagonal stripes alternating yellow and black, and holes for hand holding can be left on both sides of the guard plate for easy movement

(6) regularly check the roof for cracks after heavy rain and repair it before the next heavy rain

(7) put all corrugated core paper and recycled box paper at 4 ″ × On the 4 ″ wooden planking, isolate the moisture on the ground

(8) carry out daily patrol inspection in the warehouse to check whether there are paper rolls that are not neatly stacked, unstable or falling in each storage area, and stack them again. Check whether there are paper rolls placed in the wrong area, whether the storage conditions are appropriate, and the number of remaining small paper rolls

(9) before the paper roll is put into storage, the glued part should be re glued

(10) the remaining small paper rolls must be used gradually. The warehouse driver should first deal with the remaining small paper rolls before using the whole roll of paper, and ensure that the remaining small paper rolls are stored in a proper position so that they can be easily found and used regularly

(11) check all kinds of pipes above the storage place of corrugated core paper. If there is any leakage, it should be repaired in time

(12) to make warehouse drivers know how to prepare and collect labels, they should ensure that labels are not lost

(13) regularly review these points with the warehouse driver to make sure they clearly understand and do as required

(14) contact the regional sales manager to review the layout and management procedures of the warehouse together

if the loss of paper roll storage is reduced by 0.5%, it is equivalent to saving $8400 per month and $100800 per year

damaged paper at the corrugated board machine

in fact, the corrugated board machine is the main place for each manufacturer to produce damaged paper. The standards and procedures implemented include at least the following points:

● determine the maximum cutting width, and take this as the standard for production scheduling design by relevant personnel. If the width exceeds the standard, it should be reported to the plant manager for approval

● uneven arrangement of the edges of corrugated core paper and box board paper will produce trimming waste, equivalent to 0.5% waste

● the annual engineering review can prevent downtime, uneven arrangement and quality problems, so that the equipment is in good operation condition and improve production efficiency

● the maintenance, adjustment and repair of equipment must be given priority

● contact the regional sales manager to obtain the service plan of the technical service representative

● ensure that preventive maintenance inspections are well completed every week and are properly handled

● contact the technical service representative to obtain the management form

● strengthen the connection between cadres and wet parts through headphones or walkie talkies

● formulate in plant training plan and carry out practical operation skill training. After training, operators and production supervisors have a full understanding of the corrugated board machine and know how to solve the problem of producing

raw waste

peeling management of the paper roll in the wet operation Department of the corrugated board machine

● the operator is not allowed to remove the damaged packaging layer of the paper roll with a razor knife

● the stripper using plastic is cheap (remove 2 ~ 3 layers at a time)

● put all stripped paper into a separate waste paper truck, so that it is easy to weigh, and the production supervisor will check the situation of each team

● put all untreated shaft cores into a separate waste paper cart

● by rewinding the paper on the shaft core, the operator immediately knows how much work it takes to remove the paper from the shaft core. Although this work is simple, it can effectively use all the paper on the shaft core

if the waste is reduced by 0.5%, it is equivalent to saving $8400 per month and $100800 per year

the cardboard in the dry operation section of the corrugated board machine (the largest paper damage area)

when the paper is compounded in the wet operation section, it is the first part that is prone to produce a large amount of waste - the cardboard in the dry operation section. The equipment must be in good operation condition, and the team members and maintenance personnel must be given time to inspect, clean and repair the machine. Warpage, uneven edges, too much starch, too high temperature, loose edge bonding, all these problems can be reduced and eliminated through good maintenance and training of operators. Find out which part produces the most paper damage, determine how these defects are produced, and take measures to correct them

● each team should reduce the production of low-quality paperboard through preventive maintenance

● check the gluing machine, single-sided machine, roll surface temperature and surface to surface temperature difference (edge alignment/level) using various record forms every week

● you can ask for forms and requirements from the technical service representative to provide training

● improve the coordination between wet end and cadres

if the total waste is reduced by 0.5% - 1.5%, that is, 8400 ~ 25200 US dollars are saved per month and 100800 ~ 302400 US dollars are saved per year

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