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The domestic polystyrene market is expected to reach the 7000 level

last week, the domestic polystyrene market as a whole remained rising, and the sales of enterprises were still relatively smooth, with low inventories. However, it should be said that due to the excessive increase in the polystyrene market in the early stage, the recent market increase has been significantly weakened. At present, the mainstream market price is about 6700-6900 yuan/ton, only 100-200 yuan/ton higher than the previous week. At present, the styrene market at home and abroad is still rising. The domestic styrene market has risen to more than 6000 yuan/ton, nearly 300 yuan/ton higher than last week. The international market has also risen to 600-620 dollars/ton (FOB South Korea) driven by the sharp rebound of crude oil in the automotive plastic market, up nearly 30 dollars or more than the previous week. However, compared with the rising strength of styrene, the prices of domestic polystyrene production enterprises have not fully kept up, adding about 150million yuan to the company's net profit. Some polystyrene production enterprises and multi curve control industry that purchase styrene are facing losses due to high procurement costs. Therefore, in the future, if the price of styrene remains at the current high level, Then all polystyrene production enterprises will have to continue to raise the ex factory price, and the market price is expected to reach a high point of 7000 yuan/ton

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