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This week, the domestic plastic raw material market trend

the PE market surged due to the recent sharp rise in crude oil prices, which led to the high price of the external market. Affected by this, domestic petrochemical enterprises have raised factory prices, which directly drove the rise of market prices. However, the downstream cooperation is weak and the demand support is poor, so the transaction situation is general. Downstream factories have a strong inquiry atmosphere, but the demand is small, so traders postpone raising prices to wait and see the later market demand. Affected by power rationing, market demand rebounds slowly, prices rise too fast, and market acceptance is relatively weak. In addition, April and may are still the traditional off-season, and transactions will remain light for a long time. The price of low-pressure materials remained stable, the inventory of low-pressure materials in the hands of traders was too large, and the downstream demand continued to be light; In addition, due to the impact of restricted films, the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises in starting work have directly affected some of the original rigid demands of the market. Most traders are on the sidelines for the future market, and prices are rising steadily

ps market began to pick up. The upstream crude oil price continued to fluctuate at a high level, and styrene in East China began to soften after rising. It is expected to continue to fluctuate in the short term. In the market, traders often move bricks with each other, and there are not many actual transactions and negotiations in the market. Although the suppliers' quotation leads to the market price if the experimental compliance value of the experimental machine has been used to make experiments, the atmosphere gradually warms up at the same time, but the phenomenon of insufficient construction in the downstream of East China is relatively common. Therefore, it is expected that under the favorable factors that the high level of the upstream will bring a good mentality to the market, the future market will be dominated by stable consolidation, and the price will rise steadily and slightly in the near future

pp market is bullish, and the quotation in East China market rises slightly, which is generally stable, with few transactions. Traders are bullish in the future, still reluctant to sell and waiting to rise, and have little willingness to ship. Affected by the price adjustment of petrochemicals in the market of South China, the quotation increased slightly. In some regions with few resources, the market price continued to rise. Traders are willing to select and introduce a batch of urgently needed new materials and high-level talents; It is not willing to encourage qualified overseas new materials professionals to apply for the national thousand talents plan. The quotation in North China market is basically stable. Affected by the increase in the ex factory prices of Sinopec and PetroChina, the wire drawing price continues to rise, the transaction is general, there are not many market resources, there are not many downstream deliveries, the market trading is slightly deserted, and traders are worried that the future market will fall. In some regions, there are few market resources, traders are reluctant to sell, and the quotation continues to rise. Now the overall market is reluctant to sell more, there is little willingness to ship, and the market trading atmosphere has weakened. Some traders are worried that the market price rises too fast, the downstream demand rhythm can not keep pace, and the market price has fallen. It is expected that the market price will continue to rise slightly and stabilize due to the petrochemical price adjustment in the near future, and the trading atmosphere will not be too good. 2. There is a load phenomenon

the PVC market has risen across the board. This week, the upstream production cost has been rising due to the rise in raw material prices. The ex factory price is relatively strong, and the downstream resumption of construction is slow. It is difficult to accept the current strong price, resulting in general terminal transactions, limited number of transactions, and more expectations. The enthusiasm of downstream procurement slightly magnified the impact, and there was a slight increase in some parts. However, although the downstream transaction atmosphere was slightly better than that in the early stage, businesses still did not dare to adjust the market quotation too quickly, and the operation was more cautious. 1. Cone rib connections and ribbed steel connectors are mainly supplied by old customers. Given that the downstream demand is slowly improving and the upstream cost is high, it is possible for enterprises to continue to raise their quotations, so the operation still needs to be stable

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