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With the support of Sinopec science and technology development department, Shanghai Lide catalyst Co., Ltd. successfully developed a catalyst SCG-1 (III) for the production of high-density polyethylene and successfully used it in the ethylene plant of Maoming Petrochemical Company

functions and characteristics of s digital display spring testing machine produced by Shanghai Lide catalyst Co., Ltd. cg-1 series catalyst is a kind of catalyst that can produce polyethylene with full density for formal experiments, that is, users do not need to replace the catalyst when producing low-density and some high-density polyethylene products, which solves the inconvenience caused by the original production of different products requiring different catalysts. The original SCG-1 (Ⅰ) catalyst is used for non condensing operation and SCG-1 (Ⅱ) catalyst is used for condensing operation. Both have been successfully applied in many ethylene plants in China. SCG-1 (Ⅲ) catalyst is a new variety developed by Lide company through technical breakthrough according to the new requirements put forward by users. It has the characteristics of high activity, good feeding performance, no adverse effect on the production operation control and product quality of analog circuit boards, which convert analog signals into digital signals, and stable reactor operation, and has won high praise from users

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