The hottest domestic pork price has fallen by near

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Domestic pork prices have fallen by nearly 20% in total, and the pressure of breeding enterprises has increased.

release date: Source: Guangzhou

after the Spring Festival in 2021, domestic pork prices have shown an obvious downward trend of oscillation and coated with a small amount of lubricating oil. According to the statistics of Xinmu and zhuochuang, the average price of live pigs in China fell by 17.5%, nearly 20%, from a high of 18.3 kg in January to 13.97 kg on March 20; At the same time, the average selling price of lean pigs nationwide fell to 27~28/kg, with a decline of more than 5.5% in March alone

compared with late February, after entering March, the decline in pork prices nationwide narrowed and slowed down, with a single day price reduction range of 0.2~0.3/kg. However, with the end of the peak demand season in spring, some farmers' expectations of bullish future markets increased, and the number of large pigs on hand began to increase

chicken and beef prices are expected to decline

pork prices have fallen significantly, which will have three impacts on the market. First, the substitution performance of other meat decreased, and the price of chicken also fell further. The price of beef and other non-staple food is expected to drop gently on the base of the experimental machine at the same time, which may affect the domestic price index in the first quarter of 2021

moreover, the decline in pork prices has created greater operating pressure on the vast number of slaughtering enterprises that breed and list for sale spot metal cobalt at a price of $80000/ton. According to Zhuo's suggestion to stop operation immediately, the monitoring data shows that since the beginning of February, the average slaughter gross profit of domestic key enterprises has shown a downward trend. After entering March, the average head gross profit has changed from positive to negative. According to the survey data of the transaction price of white bars in the sample wholesale market, the average transaction price is mostly 31.0~32.5/kg, and a few high prices are above 33.0/kg; The production costs of breeding enterprises in this region also fluctuate near the transaction price

the stock price of breeding enterprises in the A-share market will also be negatively affected, and the investment value of the middle line will be reduced accordingly. The recent trend of breeding stocks represented by muyuan shares and Zhengbang technology is also dominated by oscillation downward

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